Biodiversity and Metacommunity Ecology Research Group

I am a community ecologist with a major interest in spatial ecology. I am the most excited about how invisible connectivity via dispersal between island-like habitats shapes biodiversity and community patterns.

Standing waters have always been central study objects of metacommunity ecology, especially ponds and pools that can be numerous in a landscape. Most of my work comes from these small ecosystems, focusing on local (trophic relationships, environmental stressors) and regional processes (dispersal) affecting biodiversity.

But the smaller, the more vulnerable: ponds and pools, particularly if they are temporary, are highly sensitive to climate change and human impact (especially habitat loss). By seeking a better understanding of these habitats and their networks in the landscape, not only can we better conserve them together their wonderful biodiversity, but we can learn a great deal about the general functioning of metacommunities.

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Institute of Aquatic Ecology in Budapest

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About Me

I did my PhD in Hungary (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest), and spent most of my postdoc years in the lab of Robert Ptacnik at WasserCluster Lunz in Austria (between 2012 and 2019), with shorter but nevertheless fun detours to other labs, working with Luc De Meester at KU Leuven (Belgium) and Jon Chase at iDiv (Germany) 

There is still a lot of ongoing collaboration with these labs (projects Vogelwarte, sTURN, SODAphnia).

I started my own lab at the Balaton Limnological Institute of the Centre for Ecological Research (Tihany, Hungary) in 2019. The lab moved to Budapest in 2021, to the Institute of Aquatic Ecology of the Centre for Ecological Research.