List of publications of the lab from 2020

(You can find my full publication list here or here)

3.          Thompson P. L., Guzman M. L., De Meester L., Horváth Zs., Ptacnik R., Vanschoenwinkel B., Viana D. S. & Chase J. M. 2020. A process-based metacommunity framework linking local and regional scale community ecology. Accepted in Ecology Letters; DOI 10.1111/ele.13568, pdf

2.          Vad Cs. F., Schneider C., Lukić D., Horváth Zs., Kainz M.J., Stibor H. & Ptacnik R. 2020. Grazing resistance and poor food quality of a widespread mixotroph impair zooplankton secondary production. Oecologia 193: 489-502 pdf

1.          Lukić D., Ptacnik R, Vad Cs. F., Póda Cs. & Horváth Zs. 2020. Environmental constraint of intraguild predation: inorganic turbidity modulates omnivory in fairy shrimps. Freshwater Biology 65: 226-239 pdf

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