List of publications of the lab from 2020

(You can find my full publication list here or here)

8. Guzman L.M., Thompson P.L., Viana D.S., Vanschoenwinkel B.J., Horváth Z., Ptacnik R., Jeliazkov A., Gascón S., Lemmens P., Anton-Pardo M.T., Langenheder S., De Meester L. & Chase J. M. 2020. Disentangling metacommunity processes using multiple metrics in space and time. bioRxiv pdf

7. Szabó A., Korponai K., Somogyi B., Vajna B., Vörös L., Horváth Z., Boros E., Szabó-Tugyi N., Márialigeti K. & Felfoldi T. 2020. Grazing pressure-induced shift in planktonic bacterial communities with the dominance of acIII-A1 actinobacterial lineage in soda pans. Scientific Reports 10, 19871 pdf

6. Cozma N.J., Vad C.F., Horváth Z., Kiss B., Müller Z., Viski V.B. & Lengyel S. 2020. Extreme weather drives spatial and temporal variation in water bug (Heteroptera: Gerromorpha, Nepomorpha) assemblages in soda pans in Hungary. Inland Waters 10: 397-408.

5. Stenger-Kovács C., Lengyel E., Sebestyén V. & Szabó B. 2020. Effects of land use on streams: traditional and functional analyses of benthic diatoms. Hydrobiologia 847: 2933-2946.

4. Lengyel E., Szabó B. & Stenger-Kovács C., 2020. Realized ecological niche-based occupancy–abundance patterns of benthic diatom traits. Hydrobiologia 847: 3115–3127

3. Thompson P. L., Guzman M. L., De Meester L., Horváth Z., Ptacnik R., Vanschoenwinkel B., Viana D. S. & Chase J. M. 2020. A process-based metacommunity framework linking local and regional scale community ecology. Ecology Letters 23: 1314–1329 pdf

2. Vad C. F., Schneider C., Lukić D., Horváth Z., Kainz M.J., Stibor H. & Ptacnik R. 2020. Grazing resistance and poor food quality of a widespread mixotroph impair zooplankton secondary production. Oecologia 193: 489-502 pdf

1. Lukić D., Ptacnik R, Vad C. F., Póda C. & Horváth Z. 2020. Environmental constraint of intraguild predation: inorganic turbidity modulates omnivory in fairy shrimps. Freshwater Biology 65: 226-239 pdf

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