Job openings, student topics

Traineeship opportunities:

If you would like to join our summer mesocosm experiment between July-August 2023, apply here until 31th March:


We cover travel, accommodation, and food via the Transnational Access program of the AQUACOSM-plus project.

BSc and MSc thesis opportunities:

I am continuously looking for enthusiastic students to join the lab. If you are looking for a BSc or MSc topic, drop me an email!

A current call with the co-supervision of Zsuzsanna Márton:

PhD research opportunities

Each year, I have PhD topics announced at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Application for a state scholarship is necessary for Hungarian students and students from the European Economic Area (see also Bilateral state scholarships), while other international students from several other countries are eligible for a Stipendium Hungaricum fellowship.

Deadline is usually the end of May in each year (but Stipendium and Bilateral scholarships have earlier country-specific deadlines around February).

Open positions:

No open calls at the moment.

I am always happy to help you prepare a project proposal for a shorter or longer stay. You are of course welcome to bring your own ideas, as long as they match the main interests of the lab.

Mentor-mentee agreement

Please read this document when joining the lab.

Grant opportunities to join the lab

Short-term fellowships

ERASMUS+ (28 EU member states & Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia; 3 – 12 months)

Bilateral state scholarships (3 days – 3 months)

EMBO short-term fellowship (worldwide; up to 3 months)

PhD fellowships

Stipendium Hungaricum (non-EU, worldwide; full degree)

Bilateral state scholarships (mostly EU, plus several other countries; full degree)

Postdoc fellowships

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions + Widening fellowships (worldwide; 2 years)

AXA fellowship (worldwide; 2 years)

EMBO long-term fellowship (worldwide; 2 years)

OTKA PD Postdoctoral Excellence Programme (worldwide; 3 years)

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